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Bhutan Shakyamuni Buddha Embodiary Fabric Thangka

Bhutan Shakyamuni Buddha Embodiary Fabric Thangka

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Buddha Shakyamuni was born Siddhartha, the only son of an Indian king. Believing renunciation to be the only path to lasting peace, he abandoned his life as a prince. His life is detailed in the Thangka called the Life of Buddha.

Shakyamuni Buddha is depicted with the two main disciplines. Sariputra famous for his wisdom (left) and Maudgalyayana for his miraculous feats (right).

Buddha is seated in vajra posture on a white moon disc and lotus seat. His left hand is in the lap holding a begging bowl while the right arm is extended across the leg with the fingers touching the earth. His skin is golden in color, the eyes partially closed and the hair piled with a gold ornament adorning the top of the head. An urna between the eyebrows and the earlobes are elongated and pierced. The shoulders are covered with an orange and red robe wrapped around the torso and legs.

The background is composed by a beautiful landscape with clouds, mountains, rivers and decorated with colorful flowers and other natural elements.

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