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Acrylics on canvas 

80cm x 80cm


In all the dimension of cycle existence, there is nothing that’s does not have beginning and ending.  Even all the natural elements, it will form and destroy.  Nature itself is design to be born and die, educating ourselves to realise the nature of impermanence and release attachment, motivate life to do positive actions and dedicate for the well beings of every existence and walk the path of attaining enlightenment.

無常 - 在循環存在的所有維度中,沒有什麼可以做的、既沒有開始也沒有結束。即使是所有的自然元素,它既會形成也會破壞。自然本身就是生死的設計,教育我們了悟無常的本性,解脫執著,激勵生命做積極的行動,迴向一切眾生的幸福,走上證悟之路。

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