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Hello there, you want to try learning singing bowl but you are now sure if it is the thing for you? You want to just use it as 1-time-thing for your meditation class, yoga, gathering or even picnic?  You want to experience a real handmade hammered singing bowl before make your decision to afford one? We are here to help!  Rent it before you buy one. 


What size do you rent?

We rent 8" and 9" diameter bowl. 8" is large enough for group meditation or study use. As for professional healing use, 9" is fit for you. 

All our singing bowls are hand hammered from Nepal. It has a nice deep tone that everyone expects of a professional bowl. You can listen to their sounds from product page. 


Can I rent more than one bowl?

Yes, you can. 


What does the rental come with? 

It will come with a mallet and a cushion. 

Do you also rent a professional singing bowl player for my special event? 

Yes we do. Tell us the day you need it and for what function, we can make a professional arrangement for you. 

I need a rental bowl tomorrow, can you do it?

Please give us at least 24-hour notification in advance. We usually make arrangement of meetup either in MTR station or our shop. But if you want to spend hundreds of dollars on quick logistic, we could do it fairly quickly. 


What does it cost?

The rental fee is HK$300 for a 8" bowl or HK$350 for a 9" bowl for a month (4 weeks). You simply make your online shopping on our website. A full amount of a bowl will be charged on your credit card as a security deposit. This makes sure you give us the bowl back.


When the bowl is returned, we deduct the rental fee which is at least HK$300, or any extra cost such as urgent shipping fee. We will examine the bowl.  Then we credit back to your credit card if no issue is occured. 

For example. if you rent a 8" bowl, we will charge online $2880. Please leave us a note in shopping cart specifying rental period. Then we will make arrangement with you in whatsapp. Upon your rental period is over, says 1 month, you return the bowl, mallet and cushion everything to us, and allow us a 12-hour to handling the examination and credit back. In this case, we will credit back HK$2,580 to your credit card. 


1 month: HK$300 for a 8" bowl or HK$350 for a 9" bowl 

2 month: HK$550 for a 8" bowl or HK$650 for a 9" bowl

3 month: HK$750 for a 8" bowl or HK$900 for a 9" bowl

If you want to rent it for just 1 weekend, the minimum charge is HK$100.  However, we do not accept online payment for this. (Please allow us, we have to bear the bank charge of a total HK$2880, so it's definitely a economic crisis for us.) We only accept cash when meet up and shall return you cash back when you return the bowl to us. 


Do you provide a receipt for my business? 

Yes we do. Just let me know beforehand. 

I’m ready to rent a bowl. What shall I do?

Whatsapp us at 5910 5576 or make your move in our product page. Simply click on the bowl you need and complete the payment process. 

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